Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CCB Custom Dresses is hosting a Giveaway!


Seriously, y'all. I'm so excited.

Ok so, CCB (Cassaundra's Custom Boutique) Custom Dresses is hosting a very awesome giveaway
here --> http://bit.ly/MAXIDRESS

Everyday, for FIVE days, they are giving away a dress starting March 19, 2012. EEK!

Ok, so you might be wondering why I'm freaking out about this right? Well, for one, it's CUSTOM SIZE DRESSES for FREE. She offers a wide variety of extremely affordable dresses ($59.99 for a LBD!) and you can get them in standard sizes 2-28 or a custom size (for no extra charge!!!!). I'm in love! And this giveaway is one of the few ways I can get my hands on one of these amazing dresses any time soon. Cause I'm broke, yo.

And I will straight up admit that I'm blogging about it to get the 20 extra entries but HONESTLY, I intended to write about her at some point, anyway. I probably would've waited to review her when I bought my first dress but this is just as good! And if I do win, I will be sure to write the most honest review ever. *Scout's Honor*

So go enter already! You have plenty of time and multiple ways of entering. Although, I have to note, before I forget, that the first entry is MANDATORY - you must post on CCB's Facebook wall stating what dress you want. All of the details are on the giveaway page --> http://bit.ly/MAXIDRESS but if you don't have Facebook you might want to make one? IDK...

Anywho, good luck everyone!

And wish me luck!! LOL

<3 April

Pssst... have you entered my giveaway? You can find it here!

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