Wednesday, February 29, 2012

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2012 // February 26th through March 3rd

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After seeing Monique's (from Curves and Chaos) post about NEDA, I couldn't resist posting about it myself. I actually didn't know about NEDA until I read Monique's post, so thank you, Monique, for exposing me to the wonderful National Eating Disorders Association.

Eating disorders are a real threat. As Monique pointed out, over 24 million Americans are affected by eating disorders. And I used to be one of them.

For my mom and some friends, who read this blog, this might be a shock. I wouldn't say that it was so serious that I would've ever needed hospitalization but there was a time in high school that I considered MYSELF bulimic. I knew my habits, I knew what I did and did not eat, and while others might not have picked up on anything, I had a problem that I hid pretty well. Feeling isolated and shunned during 6th grade, I started feigning illness to get out of school. Soon I realized that to make it more believable I had to do drastic things, like make myself sick. I saw how easy it was and in high school, I remembered the feeling of *relief* that came with it. At one point during junior year I reached my lowest weight. I don't remember what that weight was but I wore a medium size shirt and size 14/16 pants, I think. It felt great being smaller than I'd ever been but at the same time, I still didn't feel confident with my body. There were moments when I loved myself but many more when I hated myself. When I started dating my husband, during senior year, I stopped hurting myself, mainly because I was happy and he accepted me for me.

The moral of the story is that society places so much pressure on us to be thin, presenting us with distorted airbrushed images of bodies which in turn makes us hate our perfectly normal un-airbrushed bodies.

I'm not against being healthy, being fit, losing weight, none of that. I celebrate thin bodies (not starved bodies, a close friend of mine can eat all day and still be a size 0), fit and toned bodies, curvy bodies, I don't discriminate. What I am against, is people treating food like the enemy. Food is supposed to nourish our bodies, we shouldn't stop eating but we also shouldn't overindulge. My motto is moderation. And as someone who struggles with her body image, just like everyone else, it's something I need to remind myself of everyday because NOT eating isn't healthy but neither is bingeing.

If you or someone you know has a problem, please seek help. Life is too short for it to be controlled by food.

I love y'all, April

PS Check out these very awesome ad campaigns by NEDA.

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