Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{ What to Wear to a Wedding } Semi-Formal Edition

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend and a good Monday (as good as Mondays can be at least!).

Today is part two of the What to Wear to a Wedding series. (Part one, informal, can be found here) And for me, semi-formal is the HARDEST. It's so ambiguous, the ugly step-child between informal and formal. Hopefully, I can help you navigate these choppy waters.

{ Semi-Formal Weddings }

Like I said, semi-formal events are difficult. Most experts agree that dresses or skirts should have hemlines no shorter than 1" above the knee, and no plunging necklines or overly revealing attire. Some call for "Sunday Best" if you are a Christian and attend church, you'll know what that means. It's your nicest, most conservative, piece of clothing usually reserved only for Sunday. Try to stick to classic silhouettes and single colors. Color blocking and prints are out for a semi-formal event. Wear nice shoes that aren't worn through... Duh, right?

My tips from last time still stand, but here they are again, just in case. ;)

A few tips:
  1. Don't wear white. This is obvious, but just in case (not even accessories, it's taboo UNLESS the bride specifically tells you to wear white).
  2. Wear something appropriate, no club wear, overly sexy clothing, etc. The exception is if the bride and groom are party people and have their wedding in a club, LOL.
  3. If the invitation doesn't specify formality, use your best judgement. A soft dress for daytime and a LBD (little back dress) for evening will take you far.
Here are my picks, from lightinthebox.com. I love this site specifically cause they do plus sizes as well (AND CUSTOM SIZES!!!), in all their dresses.

You can find these on my pinterest board, here
Note: You can change the color of all these dresses! If you like the style of the first one, but not the color, you can choose another color! Score! :)

Just remember to be slightly conservative, but have fun with your accessories. You can amp up the glam factor for semi-formal, just don't go crazy. 

xoxo April

PS, Have any questions or still need some help finding the *perfect* outfit? Drop me a line! Leave a comment, send me an email (can be found on the about page), connect with me via Facebook or Twitter! I can be reached in soooo many ways. :)

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